Actus Activated Carbon Systems:

For the smaller airflows up to app. 1.600 m3/h Pure air solutions have design two types of ACTUS Carbon Adsorbers, the ACTUS RND and ACTUS SQR. The ACTUS RND is a traditional Carbon Adsorber with a round shaped vessel and can be selected in case a full polyester round vessel is preferred and in case the a minimum footprint required. The ACTUS SQR can be selected for economical reason.

The ACTUS Carbon Adsorber systems can be used as standalone units or installed as an extra module on top of the Pure air solutions Sulphus Biotrickling reactor, acting as an second ’polishing step’. The specifications of the airflow used to select the appropriate ACTUS types are summarized in following table.

Total Air (m3/hr) Temp (C) RH (%) H2S Levels (ppm) Mercaptants (ppm)
764 23 59 30 1
848 23 59 30 1
1188 23 59 30 1
1528 23 59 30 1


The H2S gas is reacting with oxygen from the air and transformed in thiosulfates, sulphurous and sulphuric acid. All the reaction products are stored in the catalyst porous structure and are odour free. The water quality used for the washing can be potable, irrigation or tertiary treated effluent.  No chemicals, no water softener, no chemical storage tanks, no dosing pumps.