Industrial Wastewater Treatment has recently become an issue as most of the local municipalities have made discharge laws very stringent which is forcing industries to have an in-house solution to treat the waste generated at the premises.

Earthcad Environment is today helping many such industries for Food, OIL, Pulp & Paper etc to solve their Wastewater problems by designing systems that can treat this very complicated waste and in some cases also recycle and use it on site for factory requirements.

Effluent Treatment Plants have a much more complicated design and the solution varies from industry to industry depending upon how lethal the influent is. For industrial wastewater treatment processes, Earthcad Environment has the complete systems using Anaerobic Reactors or advanced biological system incorporating MBR technology followed by reverse osmosis for reuse.

Different solutions for different Industries

  1. Anaerobic Treatment for Pulp and Paper and Sugar Industry
  2. DAF + MBR Solution for Food and Oil Industry


  1. Anaerobic Treatment for Pulp and Paper

Earthcad Environment is today partnering with Von Roll Water from Germany who are one of the pioneers in the field of wastewater treatment plants for the pulp and paper industry.

Von Roll Water has many patented technologies such as the Anaerobic R2S Reactor followed by the Decafit and Flocopac Decalcification Process which help in degrading the high strength wastewater generated in such industry and also has the added advantage of removing the calcium in the form of sludge.

Together we commissioned a project for Upgradation of the existing wastewater treatment plant for the largest paper mill in Dubai, Union Paper Mill. This one of the very few solutions left in the market which can deal with waste from the paper industry.

2. DAF + MBR Solution for Food and Oil Industry

In industries making food items such as ketchup, mayonnaise, Juice, Ice Cream, etc., most of the wastewater which is generated is by and large organic in nature and has a lot of fat, oil and grease in it. For such waste, pre-treatment with a Dissolved Air Flotation device to breakdown the fat, oil and grease before it reaches the aeration stage is very important.

By choosing the correct dosage of chemicals, it is very important that the fat, oil and grease first breaks properly and then comes together at the top of the DAF Unit so that it can be scraped and sent as sludge for dewatering purposes.