iWater MBBR

The Moving Bed Bioo Reactor (MBBR) System is a Combination of the Fixed Film and Activated Sludge Process,  Activated Sludge has process stability and provides a high degree of treatment and  Fixed Film Processes are inherently stable and resistant to organic and hydraulic shock loadings.

By incorporating Activated Sludge Recirculation (RAS) higher high quality Biomass can be maintained. This makes the Process more stable, more responsive to load fluctuations and provides better oxygen diffusion, mixing and energy efficiency then conventional MBBR.


  • Factory made plug and play system with small footprint
  • All Units on Duty Standby Basis and of International Makes
  • MLSS Concentrations of 2000-3000 mg/l which increases SRT resulting in better biology and performance
  • Reduction in sludge production and less sludge needs to be wasted compared to Conventional MBBR
  • Safe HRT enabling stable and sustainable Biology and better Aeration and Nitrification.
  • Using very conservative surface area loading rates for the Biomedia thereby ensuring design for peak flows
  • Positive Displacement Blowers for Aeration instead of Side Channel Blower which are better in quality and long lasting
  • Coarse Bubble Differs for Aeration specially designed to ensure the swirling action to keep Bio Media in suspension
  • State of the art Bio Media from GEA – Germany which creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow on the large rough surfaces
  • State of the art Tube Deck Media made up of high quality PVC material which enables proper settling of solids
  • Filtration Velocity of not more than 10 m2/m3.h inside the Multi Media Filter thereby ensuring good tertiary treatment
  • MSEP Tank structurally very stable and fabricated in such a way that there is no bulging