In Extended Aeration system the biological process is Aerobic and the raw sewage after screening is first sent to the aeration tank for digestion of organic matter and its treatment. The treated effluent thereafter undergoes secondary treatment and is sent to the settling tanks which have Hopper Bottom clarifiers for solid/liquid separation.

The treated water will be disinfected with Sodium hypochlorite solution and then pumped into to the Multi Media filters for tertiary treatment thereby making the final treated sewage effluent of high quality standards.

  • All Electrical and Mechanical Units are taken on a duty standby basis with International Makes.
  • Safe HRT and SRT enabling stable and sustainable Biology and better Aeration and Nitrification.
  • Positive Displacement Blowers for Aeration instead of Side Channel Blower which are better in quality and long lasting
  • Filtration Velocity of not more than 10 m2/m3.h inside the Multi Media Filter thereby ensuring good tertiary treatment
  • MSEP Tank structurally very stable and fabricated in such a way that there is no bulging