The Installation and Commissioning Team of Earthcad Environment ensures that all electrical and mechanical equipment is installed and commissioned according to vendor requirements.

Biological commissioning of wastewater treatment plants is done by experts and a proper regime is made based on the technology to ensure that the plant is operational as soon as possible. A proper checklist is prepared and handed over to the client to confirm that all procedures have been met with while handing over of the asset to the client.

Installation and Commissioning Activities include

  • Team collection as soon as all equipment has reached at site
  • Installation of E&M Equipment as per manual
  • Installation of interconnecting pipes and accessories as per layout plan
  • Installation of all interconnecting cables and accessories as per layout plan
  • Control Philosophy configuration with Panel Supplier
  • Completion of checklist for client
  • Dry Run Test
  • Wet Commissioning
  • Biological Commissioning
  • Plant Stabilization
  • Completion of Snag List as per requirements of Client