Earthcad Envrionment has supplied and commissioned large Wastewater and Effluent treatment plants worldwide based on a Combination of Anaerobic UASB technology and Activated Sludge Process System as well as other Biological/Aerobic systems for Municipal wastewater treatment and Industrial wastewater Treatment Plants. This includes MBBR-IFAS, MicroFAST, MBR, Extended Aeration and Anaerobic Treatment Technology Systems. We refer to these systems as our iWater range or Innovative Water Solutions systems for different technologies

Turnkey Projects (Containerized & Package Plants)

  • Design and Detail Engineering of Packaged Plants based on MBBR-IFAS, MicroFAST, MBR, SBR and¬†Extended Aeration System Technology
  • Fabrication of Containerized MBBR-IFAS, MicroFAST , MBR Tanks and Systems Integration
  • Supply of Equipments and related ancillary at Project Site
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning at Project Site
  • Operation and Maintenance including Supply of Consumables and Chemicals

Possible Applications:

  • Rural or Suburban Areas where presence of a septic tanks
  • Residential Areas are not connected to Sewers
  • Housing Complexes and New developments
  • Commercial Establishments like Shopping Malls, Hotels, etc
  • Construction Sites, Labour Camps and Staff Accommodations
  • Small industries and Factory