Earthcad Environment also specialize in the field of Environmental Automation where we have over a period of time been able to make the operation of any systems being water, wastewater or odor control plants extremely simple so that it requires minimal manpower. We work with the panel supplier to come up with a simple control philosophy and have a complete SCADA system which will cater to all the needs of the plant.


SCADA System is provided to cater to three categories of requirements, which cover all aspects of the system. The first category represents the major operational functions:

  • Alarm Reporting
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Operational Control

The second category is concerned with the common systems necessary for the support of the functions included in the first category:

  • Data Collection and Storage
  • Presentation of Information
  • Interfaces to external systems

The third category includes all the auxiliary functions, which must be considered in the systems definition:

  • Operational Security and System Access
  • Configuration
  • Administration
  • Back-up Operation

SCADA System offers full functionality for process control whereas HMI is a wider term generally used for all kinds of SCADA interfaces.

  • Visualization of plant operation and operating parameters.
  • Functional Operation and Control of plant equipment.
  • Plant and equipment related event messaging and Alarm functions.
  • Process value trend recording and archiving function.