Sulphus Bio-Trickling Filter System:

A) Introduction

The Sulphus is a compact biotrickling filter for reliable and highly effective removal of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and other primary sources of wastewater odours, including ammonia, mercaptans and amines.  The Sulphus is a cost-effective alternative which requires no chemical oxidizing agents, produces no potentially harmful by-products and is more efficient than any other technology.

B) Salient Features

  • Innovative aspects owing to its construction and its height, the SULP HUS needs less surface area than conventional technologies;
  • Due to the use of synthetic filter media, the media lifetime is guaranteed because all materials used are resistance against sulphuric acid;
  • The fully automatic (remote) control guarantees optimum conditions inside the system and generates data for optimum control;
  • ┬áThe design and the carrier material make it possible for the unit to withstand very high loads. It is therefore compact and achieves high efficiency at very low cost.